DePuy ASR Hip Resurfacing System

The voluntary recall of DePuy Orthopedics’ ASR Hip Resurfacing System  commonly used in hip replacement surgeries is quite alarming due to the high number of patients who received the product, as well as the high percentage of patients who needed follow up surgery to repair problems associated with the system.

While the majority of surgeries involving the ASR Hip Resurfacing System were successful, unfortunately, a large number of patients suffered serious side effects, which has led to the recall.  DePuy now recommends that patients see their orthopedic surgeons yearly to monitor their status, and ensure the system is functioning properly.

The National Joint Registry of England and Wales conducted a study that found twelve percent of all patients with the ASR Hip Resurfacing System had a failure rate within five years, resulting in revision surgery.  While this data included all size ranges, it was found that patients who received ASR heads below the 50mm diameter size, as well as females, had higher rates of failure.

While DePuy has been forthcoming with information to patients, surgeons, and hospitals regarding the recall, as well as the problems associated with the products, and has offered assistance to help determine the best treatment options, the recall is still quite serious in nature.  DePuy has also issued statements that indicate they plan to cover reasonable costs associated with further medical treatments, revision surgeries, and costs for care and monitoring of patients with the recalled system.

That being said, it is still recommended that anyone who has undergone surgery that involved a recalled DePuy hip product contact an experienced DePuy hip replacement attorney for more information.  Even though the company is willing to provide a certain level of compensation, it does not include the cost of lost wages, pain and suffering, and may only cover basic medical expenses.  It is critical that you take the proper steps to ensure your future is fully covered, and that those responsible for this caliber of a mistake are held accountable.

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