IVC Filter Complications

Potential Bard G2 and Bard Recovery IVC filter complications:

As with any medical procedure, the implantation of an IVC filter has potential complications.  If the Bard IVC filter fractures and/or migrates, it could result in complications including puncturing of internal organs, increase in heart rate, hemorrhaging, heart rhythm disruption, and puncturing of veins and arteries. Below is a list of more specific potential complications:

1.       Movement or migration of the IVC filter caused by placement in inferior vena cava’s with diameters larger than the appropriate labeled dimensions.

2.      Migration of filter to the heart or lungs due to improper deployment, deployment into clots, or dislodgment due to large clot burdens.

3.      Filter fracture is a known danger of vena cava filters and there have been reports of embolization of vena cava filter fragments which require retrieval.

4.      Perforation or other damage to the IVC wall

5.      Acute or recurrent pulmonary embolism

6.      Caval thrombosis/occlusion

7.      Extravasation of contrast material at time of venacavogram

8.      Air embolism

9.      Hematoma or nerve injury at the entry point

10.  Hemorrhage

11.  Restriction of blood flow

12.  Occlusion of small vessels

13.  Distal embolization

14.  Infection

15.  Intimal tear

16.  Stenosis at implant site

If you have received a Bard G2 or Bard Recovery filter, and you have experienced any of the complications listed above, contact our IVC filter lawyers immediately to discuss your potential case.