Bard Recovery

Bard Recovery IVC Filter:

The Recovery Filter System is manufactured by  C.R. Bard, Inc.  The Bard Recovery IVC filter consists of a nitinol vena cava filter and an accompanying delivery system method.  The Recovery IVC filter has two levels of filtration and comes prepackaged in a tube for storage.  The Recovery IVC filter delivery system comes with an introducer sheat, a dilator, and a pusher system.

Bard Recovery IVC FilterThis Bard IVC filter is made up of twelve shape memory nitinol wires.  All twelve of the wires emanate from a central nitonal sleeve and form two levels of filtration – six arms and six legs.  The Recovery IVC filter comes prepackaged in a storage tube within a Tyvek/film pouch.

The Recovery IVC filter is placed into the inferior vena cava using a delivery system consisting of a 7 Fr ID introducer sheath and dilator, and a pusher system.  The sheath and dilator are also packaged in a Tyvek/film pouch.

Bard Recovery filters should be used in situations where:

1. Bard Recovery filters can be used when anticoagulants are contraindicated

2.  Bard Recovery filters can be used with failure of anticoagulant therapy

3.  Bard Recovery filters can be used for emergency treatment

4.  Bard Recovery filters can be used to prevent chronic, recurrent pulmonary embolism

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