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FDA Warns Against Topamax Use During Pregnancy

The Food and Drug Administration recently warned women of childbearing age and expectant mothers against the use of anti-convulsant drug, Topamax, as is poses rick of development of cleft lips or cleft palate deformities in newborn babies.  According to the FDA’s research data, newborns of women who take Topamax during their first trimester of pregnancy are 20% more likely to develop cleft lips than those taking other anti-convulsant drugs.

Topamax was developed originally to treat people with epilepsy, and later, to help prevent migraine headaches.  The FDA has warned doctors to caution their patients against the use of Topamax to prevent their newborns from developing oral birth defects and deformities.  The FDA issued a warning against the use of the drug during the first three months of pregnancy, which is a time that many women do not even realize that they are pregnant.  This has lead to many women giving birth to babies with oral birth defects and deformities.  If you or someone you love was taking Topamax during your first three months of pregnancy and gave birth to a child with birth defects, it is important for you to call an attorney to discuss any legal rights to which you may be entitled.