FDA Warns of potential Propecia Side Effects

Propecia Side Effects

In addition to the sexual dysfunction side effects that many people are talking about today, users of Propecia who decide to stop taking the medication noted losing the hair that was grown while on the drug.  Therefore, in order to maintain growth and thickness, finasteride (Propecia) needs to be taken for the long term….increasing the rise of Propecia side effects.

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Users of Propecia also experienced hormone level fluctuations, which caused breast tenderness.  The drug also affects the Prostate Specific Angtigen (PSA) which is used to detect prostate cancer in routine screenings.  Using Propecia can make it more difficult to detect this form of cancer, which can be a very serious issue.

Even though the FDA has approved this drug for use, and required a number of stringent tests, clinical trials, and full reports, the agency admits it does not fully know the long term side effects and conditions that may result from using Propecia.

Since many young men take this drug to ward off male pattern baldness and to maintain their current level of hair, many could end up taking it for a number of years, and could cause side effects that can be potentially devastating.  The possibility of taking the medication for decades without knowing the full effect is something that should be considered carefully.

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